custom door casing using back band molding

Custom Casing Molding Ideas

Several ideas for building custom casings for door and window trim

light switch wiring diagram

Wiring Diagrams for Light Switches

Numerous diagrams for light switches including switch loop, dimmer, switched receptacles, a switch combo device, two light switches in one box and more.

framing an interior wall

Framing an Interior Wall

How to measure, layout and frame a new, non-bearing partition wall

removing vinyl wallpaper

Wallpaper Removal

Easy process for removing wallpaper and paste for vinyl and paper wallpaper, old and new

rolling a cabinet case

Painting Kitchen Cabinets

How to prepare and paint kitchen cabinets, doors and cases

efflorescence on concrete surface

Repairing and Painting Concrete

Removing efflorescent bubbling, repairing minor cracks, and painting masonry surfaces

trim prep techniques diy

Preparing Wood Trim

Use these techniques to prepare wood trim molding for a lasting paint finish

touch up wall paint

Interior Room Painting

Tips for setup and painting a standard interior room, includes tips for bathrooms and unusual surfaces like wallpaper and paneling

paint brushing techniques

Paint Brushing Techniques

Tips for brushing wall, ceiling, and trim edges to cut-in before rolling

faux crackle painting

Crackled Paint

Bring old furniture back to life with this easy process for creating an antique look