egg and dart molding profile

Trim Molding Styles

Examples of molding styles for decorative trim including Victorian, Neoclassical, Colonial, and Mission or Craftsman styles

splicing electric wires with a pigtail

Making a Pigtail Splice

How to strip and slice electrical wires in a junction box.

a color wheel diagram

Mix Your Own Faux Painting Glaze and Colors

To do sponge painting, a faux granite or any of the glaze painting projects on this website, you'll want to know how to mix the glaze to the right consistency and how to change the color of your paints. Using the color wheel and instructions at this link, you can mix any color you want for any process you have in mind.

light switch drawing

How to Replace Switches and Receptacles

How to choose and replace light switches and duplex receptacles.

window counterweight access panel

Repair a Window Sash Cord

Old double-hung wooden windows will often have at least one broken cord. If both are broken the window will be hard to open and won't stay up. Fortunately, it's not a hard repair and you'll have working windows when you're done.

fan light kit wiring diagram

Wiring Diagrams for a Fan/Light Kit

Wiring diagrams for ceiling fan and exhaust fans including separate speed control and light dimmer

string lights behind crown molding

Build Crown Molding Lighting

Use these techniques to install crown molding with string lights tucked behind to add an impressive accent to any room in the house.

wiring diagram for a floor lamp

Lamp Switch Wiring Diagrams

Wiring for standard, 3-way and antique lamps with 2 or more light sockets

custom-built baseboard

Trim Molding Ideas

Get some ideas with these examples of custom-built trim molding using commonly available molding profiles

spray foam insulation can

Fixing Cracks with Spray Foam

Stop cracks that keep coming back behind kitchen counters, around trim molding, and in walls or ceilings.