GFCI Outlet Switch Wiring Diagrams

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This page contains wiring diagrams for a ground fault circuit interrupter (gfci) with a built in switch. This device can be used to protect a garbage disposal and provide a gfci protected receptacle in a single gang outlet box. The switch can be included in the protected circuit or it can be used to control an unprotected light or other fixture.

Wiring Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Switch

gfci wiring switch

This diagram illustrates the wiring for a Cooper gfci/switch combo device wired to protect a garbage disposal. With this arrangement a receptacle, switch and disposal are protected with the ground fault breaker built into the device.

Wiring Ground Fault Interrupter and Light Switch

gfci wiring without switch

This ground fault circuit interrupter wiring diagram of the same device leaves the switch out of the protected circuit. With this arrangement the receptacle is protected but the switch remains outside the circuit. This arrangement can be used to control a light or other device where the extra protection of a gfci is not necessary.